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Why does a 31 year old have a lemonade stand with his niece?

This Is Our Lemonade Stand:

The Story and Reason

Have you ever wondered why a 30-year-old man would operate a lemonade stand with his 6-year-old niece in Grand Forks, North Dakota? It all began when Jeremy had a conversation with Lila, who expressed her love for lemonade and how hard it is to find a lemonade stand that serves fresh, lemony drinks with very little sugar. Jeremy thought it would be a great idea and opportunity to sell the best lemonade in town to the locals and students of the University of North Dakota.

Lila is a kind and loving girl who enjoys spreading joy to her family and friends in Grand Forks. Jeremy believed that the Grand Forks community was the perfect place to teach his niece about business and show her how kindness, quality products, and excellent customer service can go a long way. Lila had the idea and Jeremy suggested that they start a lemonade stand and work together to make the best lemonade using only freshly squeezed lemons, with the all of the profits going into Lila's 529 educational fund.

With Jeremy handling the paperwork and marketing, and Lila assisting with sign-making, customer service, ice fetching, and lemonade pouring, they were able to create a simple yet classy lemonade stand that has been operating since July 2022. The labor force, comprised of Jeremy, his mother, brother, and father, is excited to serve the people of Grand Forks with the best lemonade in town again for the summer of 2023.

Jeremy's family has a rich history of giving back to the community, and they have been inspired to follow in their footsteps. Grandpa Barcome, Lila's great-grandfather, was a prominent physiatrist in North Dakota, and his philosophy was to treat everyone equally, regardless of their status. Jeremy believes that business is not just about making money but also making connections, helping people, and showing kindness and providing a solution for people.

The lemonade stand is not just a business venture, but it is also a platform for Lila to learn about the value of community involvement, making connections with people, handling money, and running her own business. The proceeds from the lemonade stand go towards Lila's 592 Educational Fund (college fund), and Jeremy hopes to see the business grow and be booked for birthday parties, small gatherings, and sporting events.

As summer comes to an end and Lila starts school, the lemonade stand will have limited hours, so Jeremy encourages people to stop by while they still can. All profits will continue to support Lila's Roth IRA, and the ingredients used are of the highest quality. Jeremy and Lila are proud to be part of the Grand Forks community, and they appreciate all the love and support they have received so far.

The birth of the lemonade stand idea:

"Look, us two, let's sell lemonade. Good lemonade. No, the BEST lemonade. Freshly squeezed lemonade. I'll do the paperwork and marketing. You show up and help with the sign making, pouring lemonade, waving, smiling and getting ice for people.  We can help each other at the lemonade stand and be able to spend more time together. I mean, then, we can give all of the profits (however much it is) to Lila's 529 Educational fund (college fund) and as her uncle, I can teach her about the ways of business at a young age. Show her that smiling, being kind and delivering a quality product goes a long way. That's what I would've wanted and that's the best thing we can do for Lila."


*Disclaimer - Profits do not go to any source besides Lila's 539 Education fund and to ingredients.*

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